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Gerry Wimmer launched Investorfile.com in 1999, a website with a mandate to provide the very best investor information possible for small cap investments through uncompromising views and strategic insight.

The creation of Investorfile.com was inspired by Gerry's investor relations (IR) consultancy practice for public growth companies (See Services), where he discovered an increasing gulf between investors seeking relevant and up-to-the-minute information and the challenges these small cap companies had in getting a true picture of their efforts out into the investment community.

Gerry shares his 20-years of business experience as an investment banker, an IR consultant and director of TSX-listed company with his insight on current small cap market news events to followers of Investorfile.com. This helps investors to become more informed about the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly practices in the small cap market that can impact share value.

Today Investorfile.com represents the #1 Small Cap Resource for investors seeking accurate, truthful representation of a small cap company stock's worth, its challenges and problems as well as its assets and possibilities. Investorfile.comís own blog commentary doesn't pull any punches, nor will it hold back where there is uncovered value thatís been looked over.

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If the last quarters are an indication of things to come, than Quorum remains a strong buy. Revenue for the Q2 FY2015 was up 23% over the same period last year. Recurring revenue was up 13 %. The operating cash flow was $485,050. If we assume Quorum can maintain current level of sales, recurring revenues and expenses, than it is a fair beat that Quorum will generate Ī $2,000,000 in operating cash flow in the next twelve months.